"Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment."


"As one who orders regularly, I can honestly say that Jill has all the qualities of a fabulous chef - creativity, dependability and the ability to produce fabulous meals. Jill is a true "foodie".  There is nothing like coming home to a warm meal, made with fresh ingredients by someone who pours love into everything she does. The service is easy to use and the meal portions are generous and affordable.  Her Shrimp and Grits Rock!"

/  Lynne Bowler  /

Photography by Angela Tucker

"My family is a long-time customer of Chef Jill Aker-Ray's, "What's For Dinner?" It is an incredible service that leaves one with very warm feelings of hearth and home. This is because you get to eat, in the comfort of your home, meals that are impeccably prepared. The food from What's For Dinner is simply out of this world! ...The meals run the gamut from old favorites (e.g., meat loaf and lasagna) to new culinary experiences. They are all great! What's more, the entire family enjoys them, which given the picky nature of my kids, is quite an achievement!"

/  Ken Eisdorfer /

"I am a wine consultant and I do in-home wine tastings. Jill hosted a wine tasting for me and the table was so beautifully and creatively set, and the food that Jill prepared to pair with the wines was delicious. Thanks to Jill's talents and preparations, all I had to do was show up and conduct the tasting -- everything else was beautifully set up and delicious. Working with her was such a treat, I can't wait for her to do another tasting!"

/ Sheryl Spangler /