Tips: Basics of Cheese and Charcuterie

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make the most beautiful cheese and charcuterie tray for your next event? Well, Chef Jill is here to help! Learn some basic tips below, and check Chef Jill’s Facebook page for upcoming and ongoing workshop dates and locations.

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Basics of Cheese and Charcuterie 

By Personal Chef Jill Aker-Ray

Cheese-at least 3 

Soft and mild, sharp, funky

Charcuterie-at least 3

Salty, Spicy, Rich (fatty)


Cheeses and Meats


Berries, grapes, jams and preserves, dried fruit

Sour (pickled items)

Cornichons, olives, pickled veggies

Textures-crunchy, soft 

Nuts, breadsticks, soft bread, crackers

Varying Heights

Like a tablescape- tall, short and medium 

Color palette 

Avoid a beige palette by mixing colors of fruit and olives

Separation of dry items vs wet

Put olives, jams, pickles in containers to prevent liquid 

from leaking onto crackers and bread 

“Charcuterie and cheese boards are my go-to for easy, elegant, no-stress  entertaining. You can load them up with all your favorite cheese, cured meats, seasonal fruit, nuts and spreads. Add some wine,  baguettes and you have a party!”

~Chef Jill